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The Studio Health Practice

At Studio Health we understand health and how to improve communication between patients and healthcare professionals. At Studio Health our Communications Clinic approach is unique, implementing robust methodology to tackle old problems ensuring strategic solutions that have impact.


Our work is underpinned by rigorous research and draws on the evidence-based theories and practices from health psychology, health literacy and behaviour change patient insight.


We execute patient focused user led design principles in our processes that lead to impactful and memorable resources. This is the step where the science of communication becomes an art.


We specialise in communication, with results that deliver commercial advantage and support health outcomes. We make sure that our work has long-term impact and can be measured ensuring our clients objectives are delivered.

Studio Health Practice have:

Over 10 years of health literacy and communications expertise

Worked with the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies

Tackled leading non communicable disease challenges

Work that spans across both primary and secondary care

Implemented strategies to support essential medicines

Studio Health Practice have:

Delivered local, regional and global projects

An unrivalled network of experts from across the world

Recently reached over 2000 views for our latest research

In the past 5 years, presented 5 posters at global conferences

Our Practice

Studio Health emphasises a collaborative, thoughtful and bespoke approach to solving communication problems in healthcare. Our Practice works with an unrivalled network of experts. Together we deliver exciting, impactful programmes which keep our clients’ goals and patient health at the heart of what we do.

Strategic consultancy

Working with the pharmaceutical industry to devise programmes that improve patient outcomes

Strategic Consultancy

Does your HCP or patient communication work hard enough to deliver patient outcomes? Studio Health works with pharmaceutical industry to devise programmes which support better understanding of leading medicines to enhance adherence and improve patient outcomes.

Intervention design

Working with bespoke teams to devise, test and implement communication interventions

Intervention design

Does your healthcare challenge need a fresh approach? Studio Health builds bespoke teams to devise, test and implement communications interventions which create change and promote health.

Service enhancement

Working with healthcare providers to evaluate, enhance and support patient services

Service enhancement

Studio Health works with healthcare service providers to evaluate and enhance patient services. We focus on health literacy and user-empathy as the first step to drive innovation, problem solving and deliver excellence.

Training and education

Develops bespoke workshops for clients targeted to deliver evidence based, actionable strategies

Training and education

Does your team need a refresher on communication skills? Are you finding it hard to keep up with the latest research? Studio Health develops bespoke workshops for clients targeted to deliver evidence-based, actionable strategies which target patient outcomes.

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Who we work with

Studio Health works with a wide range of clients and collaborators, including leading pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professional groups, consultancies and academic institutions.

These include: