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Studio Health finally visited the Science Museum ‘Superbugs’ exhibition. On a mission to find out more and learn about how communication strategies might help with this prominent and dangerous issue. The exhibition was a masterclass in visual communication – sleek and futuristic  – and themed around a series of environments in which bacteria can spread, including a home, a hospital, a farm, and a GP practice, each one highlighting a real life example of the dangers of anti-microbial resistance.

Superbug Science Museum Display 3

One issue highlighted was the pressure patients put on GPs to prescribe antibiotics, even if there is no clinical need (one source even put it as high as 9 out of 10 practitioners had been pressured into giving antibiotics!). This problem fits with our mission at Studio Health as this is an issue of communication. We believe that through communication improvement and increased knowledge of how antibiotics work, behaviour change in this area is a real possibility. There was some good news, and the solutions that researchers and scientists are working on to combat AMR were also highlighted. AMR and Superbugs are a serious concern, but with the help of behaviour change, preventative action and scientific research, it is one that we can overcome. Studio Health is hoping to have a project in this area in 2019, watch this space!

Find out more about antimicrobial resistance.

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