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OLD Overview

Sometimes it’s the simple stuff that is the hardest to get right. More often than we realise, people don’t understand health information. No matter how good the diagnostics, technology or medicine, patient outcomes cannot improve without clear and effective communication. This is where Studio Health can help. We specialise in improving communication between patients and healthcare professionals, to improve health outcomes.

Poor communication is bad for our health. It creates barriers to healthcare access, increases medication misadventure (including poor adherence) and leads to poorer patient outcomes. It’s also expensive for the healthcare system and healthcare companies.

Studio Health combines expertise in communication, health psychology and health literacy to deliver impactful solutions. We’re a studio because we emphasise a collaborative, thoughtful and bespoke approach to solving communication problems in healthcare. We work with an unrivalled network of academics, healthcare practitioners, designers and researchers. Together we deliver exciting, impactful programmes which keep our clients’ goals and patient health at the heart of what we do.