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Over the past decade podcasts have seen a huge global surge ranging in just about every subject one could think of. In a digital world full of video, news feeds and social media, podcasts represent a refreshing alternative. Could it be argued that listening has the ability to create a deeper engagement with storytelling thus allowing for a different level of learning and empathy? Health is one of the largest and most popular subjects for podcasting varying from self- help to fitness, nutrition, medical and educational.

This blog by third year medical student Johan Clarke, highlights some great patient stories and perspectives, some of which helped him develop deeper empathy with patient experiences.

The Moth, tells multiple stories over an hour of people dealing with some of the greatest and hardest moments in their lives.

Only Human tells the story of a bipolar patient making the difficult decision of whether or not to stay on the lithium keeping her sane but also destroying her kidneys.

Code Switch has an episode on the public health epidemic about why black women are more likely to die during childbirth and how systemic racism affects black women’s ability to get treatment.

Radio lab has created several scientific and medical episodes, one called ‘The Fix‘, about the latest research on addiction and how we are changing our perspective on addiction medicine.

Science Vs aims to make medical knowledge more accessible taking a hotly debated topic in science, looks at the research behind it, and disseminates it in a way that is easily digestible and engaging to listen to.

Health Literacy Out Loud podcasts interviews a range of those in-the-know about health literacy including conversations with health practitioners and third sector organisations discussing why health literacy matters, offering practical tools and resources for each podcast.

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