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Recently Studio Health visited the Caldecot Centre, a specialist HIV clinic at King’s College Hospital in South London, to talk to the team about Health Literacy. We were supported by Dr. Tina Cartwright from University of Westminster. Around 20 of the Caldecot multi-disciplinary clinic team joined us. Their day-to-day role is supporting people living with HIV, some of whom have complex needs. Our aim was to provide pragmatic communication techniques to address health literacy challenges, to help them to make the most of interactions with their patients.

The team were lively and engaged and many shared their experiences of how Health Literacy effects their everyday interactions.

We learnt that Health Literacy issues are being addressed to some extent. Some of the team were undertaking the NHS “15 Step Challenge”, which aims to help NHS staff better understand the experience of patients.

Improving patient communication is a complex challenge, but by focusing on health literacy strategies and tactics, positive changes can be made. It was a great privilege to meet the team, hear their stories and learn more about the vital work they do for people living with HIV. Many thanks to Marie Rousseau and Kate Childs for inviting us.

What’s next? We’ve been invited back to run a session for the Dermatology team!

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